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OEM Software Platforms: Embedded Appliance Management System

Oneface ® Appliance Management System
  • Embedded
    Recovery Manager
  • Embedded
    Lights-Out Manager
  • Embedded
    LCD Manager
  • Health Management
  • Configuration Manager
  • Image Release
  • Image Backup / Snapshots
  • DR & & Warm Standby
  • HA Cluster Manager
  • Update Manager
  • Security Manager
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Hardware Advance
  • Event and Log Management
  • MS SC PAKs and VMM
  • Openview / Tivoli /
    LanView SNMP Agents

Software Tools to help OEM customers deploy their Application as a Hardware Appliance

The Iron Systems Embedded Application system, a set of tools allows you to build and extend your products without distracting your attention from your core technologies and business. You can select any or all of the comprehensive applications as desired. ISVs and OEM companies have the opportunity to add value and capabilities to their hardware or Cloud product lines without the high cost of development and long lead time and distractions to:

  • Embedded Applications – each add features and expand your product feature set
  • Features Sell – Customers compare your products to your competition based on available features. Each Embedded Application adds features to your product.
  • Stack up to your competitors – Each Embedded Application adds features to your products and makes your competitors look weaker.
  • Up-Sales Opportunities – Some of the Iron Systems Applications notify the end customers of additional add-on features or products you provide. These notifications go directly to the end user and install components on the spot, which creates a direct sale to you.
  • Reduce Development Costs –Each of the Iron Systems Embedded Applications is a comprehensive product which requires an expensive investment.
  • Time to Market – Reduce your time to market; each of the Embedded Applications are immediately available to integrate with your product, which reduces your time to development and move your product to market generate revenue.

OnefaceCentralized Appliance Console Manager

The Central Console is a Windows based client which communicates with an agent on your hardware, VM or Cloud product.  Both Windows and Linux platforms are supported and is completely brandable with your company names, product descriptions and logos.

The Central Console controls multiple appliance, hardware, cloud or VM systems simultaneously and manages multiple embedded applications including the

  • Configuration Manager, manage the network, performance, and other configurations of the remote system from a single console
  • Software updates, initiate or schedule software updates for multiple products and systems
  • Alerts: Monitor the alerts or health statistics centrally
  • Disaster Recovery – initiate a fail-over to a standby warm standby server
  • New Installs – New systems can be commissioned and entered into production mode
  • Backups/Recoveries – Initiate, monitor backups and perform system recoveries
  • Manage Image Upgrades or Replacements – Each system which includes the ARRMS embedded recovery and management system can be troubleshot remotely, including resetting to factory defaults, power cycling, rebooting, re-imaging with new product images, and many more functions from a central console at a remote or central location
  • High-Available Failovers and Fallbacks – High Available options can be monitored and managed centrally

Image Management

One of the complex and expensive parts of product management is the product image process. This includes creating and managing the imaging process including image revision management, creating a re-deployable image, burning images on CD/DVDs or other media, distributing the media to customers, stocking image media inventory. The imaging process also includes the process of deploying images in the manufacturing process onto hardware platforms and other customer configurations.

The Iron Systems Embedded Applications solutions provides this technology as a service you can provide as your own services or products.

SNMP Agents

SNMP is the interface technology between monitoring and management systems like HP Openview, Tivoli, BMC, LanView, Microsoft Systems Center, and numerous others. SNMP also has to have connections into all of the hardware and software components including Network NIC hardware, IPMI hardware monitors for CPUs, FANs, Temperature Monitors, Intrusion Monitors, into the TCP/IP stacks, into the Ethernet Drivers for counter errors and overruns, and many more. The SNMP system also has to monitor the operating systems, 3rd party software packages, and functionally all aspects of the product.

This is a complex undertaking, requiring in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software layers.

Every product offering must offer SNMP to be considered Enterprise Grade and to be considered for purchase by professional enterprise IT managers. The Iron Systems SNMP agent is a critical component for an Enterprise Grade product and is a complex and expensive solution to build.


The Iron Systems Backup and Recovery systems are management systems which provide embedded OEM versions of commercial software packages including Acronis™ and others.  This system provides:

  • Bare Metal level backup and recovery
  • File Level backups
  • Image Snapshots
  • Point-in-Time image backups to recover to the last known good images
  • Application aware snapshots to guarantee integrity for systems such as Database systems

The backup systems work in conjunction with the Central Console, the Lights-Out Management system and the ARRMS embedded recovery system to provide remote management and offline access to systems for environments where physical access to systems is prohibitive.

LCD Headless Operations

The Iron Systems LCD Headless Operations is a hardware and software system which provides an embedded keyboard and monitor function.  This allows simple installs without the need to attach keyboards and monitors and excels in remote branch locations where it operations is unavailable or not familiar with the hardware.

This system features include:

  • Password Reset
  • Image backups and restores
  • Network configuration management
  • Visual alerts and health monitoring
  • Resets to Factory Defaults

The LCD Headless Operations works in conjunction with the ARRMS Recovery system, the Backup/Restore system, the SNMP agents and the Central Console.

ARRMS Embedded Recovery System

The Appliance Recovery and Remote Management System can be installed and operated on a DVD, on a dedicated partition or on a USB or SATA DOM.

This system runs independently of the installed images on the hardware system and performs the function of a remote IT person on site. When running the ARRMS system, you have the ability to manage and troubleshoot the installed image, analyze the hardware systems, perform full system restorations or replace system images completely.

When used in conjunction with the Embedded Lights-Out Manager, any function that typically requires physical access can be performed remotely.

Embedded Lights-Out Management (LOM)

The Embedded Lights-Out Management system is a hardware and software combination which provides remote iKVM technology.  The typical configuration includes a dedicated network port on the hardware system which can be accessed by an Internet Browser.  The services provided include:

  • Remote Keyboard, Mouse and Video access
  • The ability to power on and off the hardware system

When used in conjunction with the ARRMS system, systems can be completely managed remotely.

Update Management

The Iron Systems Update Management system provides patch updates and software update distribution and revision management.

This system is fully brandable and has a customer management portal allowing a customer to manage software updates and revisions for each product and each end device.  This update system works in conjunction with:

  • The Central Console
  • The Image Management System
  • Health Monitoring system
  • The SNMP Agent
  • The Security Manager

Disaster Recovery (Warm Standby)

The Iron System Disaster Recovery and Warm Standby system is a Patented Technology unique to Iron Systems.

This technology acts as both a

  • Server based RAID (sRAID™)
  • And a redundant server technology for Disaster Recovery sites

Hardware system images have regular snapshots mirrored to redundant hardware systems either co-located with the original server hardware, or at remote Disaster Recovery sites.   In the case of server failure, the redundant server can be enabled (Warm Standby Failover) and be fully functional in a short time.


This technology allows a single Warm Standby server to be used as a spare system for multiple servers.

Disaster Recovery Replication

The Warm Standby technology is designed to work over long high-delay network segments. Any number of servers can be replicated to remote sites, and in disaster situations, entire replicated data centers can take over the full operation of the business

Disaster Recovery Replication

The Warm Standby technology is designed to work over long high-delay network segments.  Any number of servers can be replicated to remote sites, and in disaster situations, entire replicated data centers can take over the full operation of the business.

The Iron Systems Warm Standby technology is unique in that multiple software licenses are not required.  The entire image including system SIDS and image characteristics are replicated so the resulting systems are fully operational without extensive manual intervention.

Both Linux and Windows operating environments are supported.

Disaster Recovery tests are easily supported with this scenario since the DR site can be enabled, with full integration tests perform, with no disruption to the main data center operations.

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