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Global Leader in Turnkey Design, Integration, Supply Chain, Deployment & Field Services.


What we Make, Makes a Difference

  • 20 years experience in turning customer's concepts into world-class products.
  • Our expertise include End-End world-class contract manufacturing
  • We support 8 Focused OEM Industry Verticals

Career Opportunities

Why work at Iron Systems?

Iron Systems is a dedicated, success-oriented, talented team of individuals. We are always looking to expand that team with key individuals who are dedicated, self-motivated, and creative and have the passion to accomplish great things. We are at the forefront of market development for Internet servers, where you learn new things every day. We combine the power of value added through integration of hardware and operating system products with a resolute commitment to our customers' unique requirements and ultimate success.

Make your mark in the right industry!

Most OS development and support work requires dealing with open source technology; you get a chance to work closely with some of the best minds in the open source world. You may be asked to work on projects and problems which have never been solved before, and soon you will find a home in the open source community.

Our leadership in the Industry:

We have been in this industry for more than 10 years with successful track records and customer loyalty. Please come and join an organization which has every reason to be successful and help boost your career.

Location, Compensation, Benefits and Opportunities:

We are located in Fremont, CA, just 36 miles south of San Francisco and 20 minutes from Sunnyvale, the world headquarters of the high-tech industry. We will compete to provide you the best in the areas of re-training, compensation and benefit packages. Please contact our HR department, or simply e-mail your resume to jobs [at]

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