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Global Leader in Turnkey Design, Integration, Supply Chain, Deployment & Field Services.

The Smart Way to Build OEM Products &

Optimize your Supply Chain

  • Extensive Value Added Services Offering
  • 20 Years of Design & Supply Chain Services Expertise
  • One Global IT Systems, build & service your product anywhere
  • In use by World's most demanding global companies

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Iron has 20 years of experience in high tech enterprise computing, storage subsystems and embedded OEM system design services. Iron helps ISVs, OEMs and Service Providers to help solve some of the most complex product and supply chain challenges, some of its customers include worlds most demanding global companies.

  • Expertise in delivering end-to-end Turnkey OEM solutions
  • Optimized Platforms designed to reduce time to market
  • Custom Design employing a holistic approach to meet specific requirements
  • Custom Integration to build products that meet customers’ specifications
  • Global Logistics to help streamline shipment and reduce supply chain risks
  • Lower total cost of ownership

We help Maximize your ROI and Offer most cost-effective products and services in market.

Our comprehensive suite of End-End OEM services and certified hardware platforms gives you access to new markets, customers, partners, technologies and programs all designed to increase your revenue and keep cost under control. IRON can help you gain a competitive advantage and exceed your expectations for your next end-to-end OEM solutions needs

Our New Product Introduction team is ready to help you with transition while supporting your unique business and product needs, and show as why you can trust Iron as a valuable OEM partner.

Learn More:

New Product Introduction (NPI) & 45-days NPI Fastrack Program Overview
OEM Program Management Overview
Why Choose IRON as your OEM Partner

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