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IRON OEM Integration Services for Dell Turnkey Server Hardware

dell-partner-directIRON Systems is a Dell PartnerDirect Preferred company. This relationship provides in-depth resources and extensive training in products and services that insures that IRON Systems is a certified technical resource to assist customers in designing products that quickly move from concept to deployment in all their locations and the lab to volume production for OEM customers. Products and appliances built on the Dell platform offer performance and services that meet the most demanding requirements.

Dell OEM Services & Solutions

Dell 12g Hardware Overview

IRON Systems has provided Integration and OEM solutions since 1996. In delivering these services to customers globally, IRON Systems has build a strategic relationship with Dell. Dell has consistently delivered innovative products and services that are state-of-the-art and based on the design input from thousands of customers. An example is the current 12th Generation (12G) Server launch where they are first in the market with servers that can operate with fresh air cooling and have memory and storage density that exceeds all previous designs.

IRON Systems' training and engineering expertise are focused to offer Dell solutions in the following product groups:

  • Rack Servers

    Rack Servers

    Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers maximize productivity while offering industry leading performance and efficiency

  • Blade Servers

    Blade Servers

    Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers offer density without compromise. Dell blade servers are simpler, faster, cooler

  • Rack infrastructure

    Rack Infrastructure

    Easy installation while addressing critical power, cooling, KVM and cabling issues

  • Direct Attached Storage

    Direct Attached Storage

    Increased storage capacity: Solutions directly attached to servers

There are many critical factors that go into the design of solution that meets the needs for performance, reliability, quality, and cost. IRON Systems' years of expertise quickly guide customers in determining the factors that effect the total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) for the products they are designing and delivering for their internal needs as well as to their end customers. Factors effecting TCO are items like:

  • Global Regulatory Compliance,
  • Global Warranty,
  • Multiple Levels of Global Service,
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service and Technical Support,
  • Low Power
  • Fresh Air Data Center Products,
  • Length of Service Life.

IRON Systems OEM Solutions also provides services for the customer building single server appliances or High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data, Hadoop, and Private Cloud clusters. Also in the OEM Solutions IRON Systems provides products that offer Extended or Long-Life Platforms, Customer Branded Hardware and Accessories, a full range of planning, stocking, delivery-on-demand, and global logistics. We encourage our customers to concentrate on their products and leave the procurement, integration, branding, warehousing, and logistics to IRON.

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