Headquartered in Fremont California and founded in 2002 - For the past 15+ years has been privileged to provide IT hardware, support & professional services to some of the largest, most innovative companies in their respective industries. Startups and industry giants alike, partner with IRON Global when they face IT challenges requiring a partner thats 'already been there' coupled with a long-term ability to scale efficiently.

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Over time - IRON Global has expanded upon and innovated our service offerings. Over a decade ago - our core business was OEM design and manufacturing, fast-forward to present: IRON Global now offers a complete END-to-END solutions providing everything from Supply Chain Management to Global Logistics and Customer Support. OEMs, ISVs, and other IT-based organizations call upon Iron to provide cost-efficient, scalable solutions.

IRON offers everything modern software developers need to deploy their application as a complete platform solution. Based on our engineering expertise, rigorous QA process, manufacturing scalability, and ISO certification, IRON is here to support your OEM/ODM project throughout the entire process of design, integration, shipping, and support and allow you to focus on your core competencies and business objectives.