Iron helps Optimize your IT Infrastructure Deployment Platforms
Designed to meet the needs of high-density data center environments, Iron's rack enclosure can hold and protect a wide range of IT equipment while supporting enhanced power management, efficient cooling, and simplified component storage and mounting. Planned from the ground for ease of installation, maintenance, and scaling. They offer effortless rear access and cabling arrangements for hot-swap-capable servers.

Rack-Stack Services

Rack-Stack Services Features:

Heavy Load Support for High Density Server Solutions can support a greater load than the average of around 2000 lbs (907 kg).Unlike many of the traditional fixed-size racks available today, these Racks can be scaled in any direction to match your configuration, cabling, airflow, and cooling requirements, all without the use of tools. Thus re-configuring your rack can be achieved virtually effortlessly to adapt to your changing IT environment and scale with you.

  • Convenience Using the "Per U" Design Concept:

    Offers a ground-breaking Per-U design concept that greatly simplifies cable management and minimizes integration time, regardless of your cabling and server configuration.

  • Building Blocks

    Building block-based design and intuitive installation process lead to reduced overall deployment schedule. These building blocks include 130+ accessories and add-on selections to fit your application and scale with your business.

  • Compatible, Reliable, and Compliant

    Racks are compliant with ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D/E standards and compatible with APC InfraStruXure products. Using the Rack with our complete line of server systems and solutions, you'll enjoy one-stop shopping for all your IT hardware needs.