We have the people, processes, tools and experience to manage any supply chain requirement. Our inventory management system allows us to identify and keep track of customer assets throughout our network of global facilities. We have qualified buyers to procure materials on a customer’s behalf, and high-end warehouse centers for the safe storage and distribution of their goods.

Key Benefits include:
  • Individualized customization for each customer’s unique requirements
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Standardized global supply chain management systems and process with associated IT infrastructure
  • Continuous Focus on Cost Management
Supply Chain Management Service

Material Management

Advanced Planning

Iron's Advanced Planning group is tasked with planning Supply Chain Architecture models tailored to each customer's on-time delivery and working capital goals.

Supply Chain Architecture Models for Planning
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Iron understands that the same planning process won't fit all customers. The Advanced Planning Team listens to customer goals, maps existing processes and uses planning and analytical tools to design a supply chain capable of meeting customer-specific requirements for reliability, responsiveness, agility and cost. Customized solutions are based on three primary Supply Chain Architecture models that Advanced Planning supports:

  • Demand-Driven Supply Chain
  • Build-to-Forecast
  • Build/Configure-to-Order
On-Time Delivery Achievement

Iron is dedicated to modeling supply chains and planning processes based on each customer's on-time delivery goals to their customer. By applying advanced statistical demand planning models to historical requirements, the Advanced Planning team focuses on engaging in a collaborative Sales and Operational Planning process that uses tools to ensure each customer's metric achievement.

Strategic Inventory Placement and Pull System Implementation

The Advanced Planning team within Iron works with customers on developing strategic inventory plans that place the right inventory, at the right place in the supply chain, at the right moment in time. This is done with an eye to supporting on-time delivery while maximizing working capital and inventory investments. Tailored solutions are developed with suppliers to reduce effective lead times within the supply base, improve flexibility and responsiveness, and focus on total cost of inventory ownership.

Demand Management

Flexible Demand Control, Allows for Flexibility while Decreasing time to Market

In order to fully understand such optimization you have to realize that adequate planning allows for change (flexibility) and not the other way around. IRON Global takes into consideration that demand isn't always a straight line, but rather from time to time may fluctuate.

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To be able to respond to such an environment we use a system that manages the material requirements of a project by generating forecasts of actual demand through historical data and that allows for real-time adjustments. To ensure that there are enough materials to execute the production schedule the system manages information pertaining to the materials that are in use, on hand, and on receipt. As demand changes so do the volume of materials needed. To make sure that the product delivery is not pushed off schedule our MRP system generates purchase orders to ensure the right volume of components in stock at the right time.

Incorporating a tightly managed MRP system that allows for such adaptability minimizes the effects of demand fluctuation while enabling a client to benefit from a faster time to market.

  • Forecast History Analysis: IRON Global evaluates and analyzes your forecast often to determine the final outcome of the project.
  • Acceptance Response to Customer Forecast: IRON Global developed a computerized automation of acceptance system that lets both IRON Global and the customer know if IRON Global can accommodate major changes to the original forecast.
  • Daily MRP Calculation and Update: As a benefit to both IRON Global and you, a Daily MRP calculation and update is automatically conducted.
  • Just-In-Time Inventory Planning and Monitoring: JIT works with the MRP to get inventory.

Procurement Management

Flexible and Proven Supplier Relationship

From you to us and from us to our supplier, we make sure that we have a logistical chain that is unbreakable and that achieves an optimized level of communication. What this means is that whenever a forecast is generated or modified we make sure that both you and our supplier are informed. By doing this it allows our suppliers to stay ahead of the game and enables them to supply us the right amount of components at the right time thus allowing the efficiency we strive for.

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IRON Global has established long term relationships with all its suppliers and conducts a quarterly audit of each vendor to ensure that their delivery, product quality and product accuracy meet our standards. These two elements allow IRON Global to manufacture and deliver high quality, economically fit product while adhering to the flexibility and efficiency the company promises.

Supplier Relationship: IRON Global establishes integrated long-term relationships with core suppliers to make certain you receive the best possible price.

Supplier Performance Review: IRON Global conducts a quarterly audit of the vendor to ensure they are meeting our standards for delivery, product quality and product accuracy.

AVL/ACL Management (Approved Vendor List/ Approved Component List): To ensure vendors and components meet the standards and criteria we set we manage and maintain a database of qualified, certified, approved vendors.

Cost Management: Iron conducts regular and consistent contract reviews to ensure competitive market tension forces are always in play. Iron also tailors specific commodity approaches and strategies based on market intelligence, customer dynamics and industry served. Iron's continued commitment to developing deeper more meaningful relationships with suppliers to drive the best cost, coupled with the most efficient supply chain is paramount in the overall strategy for Iron's Procurement team.