At IRON Global we understand that logistics management is much more than shipping products on time, it's about managing a complex supply chain through the implementation of adequate planning, development of purchasing power and the establishment of a fulfillment process that decreases a product's time-to-market.

Logistics Services Overview

Using the class leading combination of capabilities and services our fulfillment, procurement and planning departments work together to bring our clients flexible, responsive, cost effective solutions without sacrificing product quality. We offer end-to-end services in the following key areas:

Forward Logistics Services

Whatever the logistics needs, we design and execute a strategy that eliminates redundancies and minimizes costs. We’re focused on delivering the highest level of quality, technology and service to each customer. Our forward logistics services provide a significant advantage to customers looking to leverage their supply chains, reduce turn-around-times, and optimize freight and logistics costs.

Our forward logistics services include:

  • Director Order Fulfillment (DOF)
  • Configure-to-Order (CTO) and Build-to-Order (BTO)
  • Kitting, building and other postponement strategies
  • Freight management

Global Transportation Sourcing and Management

Iron manages a strategic carrier and transportation program to provide targeted services levels at the lowest industry costs. This includes both inbound shipments of materials to our factories and outbound shipments of our customers’ products. Iron leverages its knowledgeable in-region logistics teams along with state of the art IT systems to source and manage the performance of its logistics operations.

For Build-To-Order / Configure-To-Order solution. Iron provides shipment distribution services configured to support our BTO and CTO manufacturing programs. Iron leverages its supply chain design, transportation system and trade compliance programs to provide its customers with an integrated end-to-end offering.

Reverse Logistics and After-market Services

Our end-to-end solutions include warranty, repair and refurbishment services geared to help you maximize your supply chain and outsourcing strategy. With our worldwide product support services and key relationships with major logistics suppliers, we respond quickly to any service and repair need. Plus, our active end-of-life (EOL) component management and repair services are available to keep every customer satisfied and well informed. More Info

Our expertise, tools and track record are evidence that the utilization of our logistical services will reduce your manufacturing lead time while improving your delivery rate.

Direct Order Fulfillment

After our planning and procurement departments have executed their tasks it is up to our fulfillment department to orchestrate the timely movement of materials through inventory and distribution strategies that are built to save both space and money. Our Inventory Management strategies are built off Just-In-Time and First-In-First-Out (FIFO) ran inventory control processes. JIT will increase your organizations return on investment (ROI), quality and efficiency, while FIFO is enacted to ensure that quality is upheld on all shipped products and components.

Our Built-to-Order and Built-to-Contract production processes are built to ensure your customer's demand is fulfilled right from the production floor. In doing this our goal is to lower inventory costs while reducing market risks.

We take initiative in fully executing all customs formalities and shipping arrangements necessary to ensure that the product is delivered safely and securely to your customers. We can directly ship product both domestically and internationally. To ensure that product is successfully delivered IRON Global prepares all necessary shipping documentation, such as Customs Declaration and Export Documents, and conducts a restricted party screening. Once the necessary documentation is completed the product is shipped and you are automatically notified of the product's delivery and are provided with the product's tracking information and on-line shipping and receiving status. In addition, IRON Global has the capability of producing customized client defined packing slips and shipping documents. IRON Global' clients can also utilize Programmable Labeling (SN, FCC/UL, Shipping, etc.).

  • Kitting of FIG Inventory Items
  • Customized Packing Slips and Shipping Document
  • Direct Shipment to Customers
  • Multiple Carrier Options
  • Domestic and International Distribution
  • Restricted Party Screening
  • Customs Declaration
  • Auto-notification of Product Delivery
  • Programmable Labeling (SN, FCC/UL, Shipping)
  • Customizable Shipping Document
  • Freight Forwarding

Global Warehousing

For customers with a volume production schedule, Iron offers management and distribution services that eliminate the customer’s need to stock, manage, or handle finished goods. Iron can pre-build stock and store products awaiting customer orders. Iron maintains a secure, insured storage environment for all products. This service can reduce the overhead costs otherwise needed to store and manage goods and inventory at your site, allowing you the flexibility to store your systems or unique components as consignment items at any one of our facilities.

Iron can maintain finished goods inventory in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Iron account managers can assist establishing depots and determine appropriate stocking sites to expedite shipments. Iron can facilitate local stocking sites if customers require more strategic locations.

Irons web enabled Opschain360 portal and ERP systems provide you access to real time inventory tracking for your consignment items so you can let us know what to ship and where. Our system offers:

  • Ship Order Management
  • Client Part Number Control
  • Real-Time Inventory Status Tracking per Warehouse
  • Serial Number Component Tracking
  • Warehouse Consignment Inventory
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Transportation Management