The Unified Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) features a fully redundant, fault-tolerant storage server system that is fully optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage applications, these innovative SBB features a fully redundant, fault-tolerant "Cluster-in-a-box" system. It supports 16x 3.5" Hot-swapHDD’s with the option to expand beyond 16 HDDS by using the SBB JBOD. Dual 10GbE connection between the Serverboards via the midplane. If one serverboard fails, the other serverboard is able to take over control and access the HDD's (both controllers can also work as Active-active mode), keeping the system up and running. Storage software is the key to enable this feature, which is available from several Supermicro's partners.High-efficiency redundant power supplies and redundant cooling fans, the SBB storage server is a highly-available, high-reliability storage system at a competitive price.

  • 3U Dual Controller Storage Platform, High Availability
    IRON Storage SS308B
    Storage Capacity: 96 TB Raw (Max)
    Internal: Up to 16 Hot Swap SATA/SAS HDDs
    Optional HW RAID Via PCIe
    Expansion: Onboard LAN or PCIe SAS/FC/IB HBA Option
    1x 250GB SATA HDD Installed per Node
    2x Intel LAN Ports &1x IPMI
    1x (x8) + 2x (x4) PCIe slots
    2x Xeon Quad E5606 2.13GHz
    Xeon 5600 Series Support
    Max 96GB Memory Support
    8GB DDR3-1333 ECC REG
    Max 96GB Memory Support
    Fully redundant, fault-tolerant
    Gold Level (93%) efficiency PWS
    Both controllers Active-active mode
    IRON iServer