Transparent Disposition of Your Global IT Assets

Initiate job orders through our ServiceO online client portal. We'll come and collect your IT assets then securely transport them to an R2 certified facility for data destruction and processing. We can provide global scale Secure Logistics-Asset Pickup (SLAP), Secure Logistics-Transportation (SLT), and numerous on-site ITAD services including complete off-site ITAD processing at our headquarters located at 980 Mission Ct. in Fremont, CA.

Our commitment to providing granular transparency for the entire IT asset lifecycle ensures compliance for a multitude of legislative & environmental regulations. From end-to-actual-end, our Managed IT Asset Disposition Services creates a implements a traceable chain-of-custody for your discretion.

IRON Helps to eliminate the risk of data leaving your office or data center by bringing data destruction technology to you. It can be utilized On-Site within your facility using a staging area or externally on secure truck.

Services that simplify and strengthen your ITAD program

Data Center & Enterprise ITAD

As a global leader of providing secure, environmentally and legally compliant IT Asset Disposition Services, we can offer data destruction, e-waste recycling, and expanded services based globally on our deep industry expertise and driven by purpose-built control systems and a commitment to excellence.

ITSM Integration

In order to provide comprehensive, automated, end-to-end approach to IT asset management, we developed ServiceO to become the leading ITAD platform but also to provide an easy way for organizations to manage the end-of-service asset disposition process directly from their ITSM platform of choice.

Reuse and E-Waste Recycling

As an truly passionate ITAD service provider we always reuse whenever possible. When assets truly reach end-of-life, we follow meticulously detailed and proven data destruction and e-waste disposition processes that meet all necessary environmental and legislative standards.

Asset Recovery

Get the absolute most value out of your IT by combining asset recovery and asset management options with deep ITAD industry experience and market knowledge. Our expert staff advises clients on optimal refresh cycles then determines market timing and appropriate resale channels to enhance maximum value recovery.

Lifecycle Support Services

Access our global platform dedicated to onsite IT and Support Services. A full range of support services are available such as: Asset Refresh or Deployment Services, Data Center Management, Depot Repair and many more IMAC ticket types.

Field Services

IRON offers a full suite of onsite services to tailor-fit an ITAD program for your organization. A la cart e options include: onsite audit; data center services; asset deinstallation and removal; data erasure or hard drive shredding/pulverizing at your facility; or coordinated asset deployment/redeployment.

Data Destruction

Data destruction at device end-of-service is essential to the security of your ITAD program. Whether your security strategy calls for onsite or offsite data erasure / drive destruction, our skilled technicians provide data sanitization solutions and services wherever you need them.

Certifications & Affiliations

An organizatons reputation in 2021 is it's most important asset, and to ensure you're compliant with data protection and recycling laws and regulations in the countries and we maintain a complete range of industry-critical certifications jurisdictions in which you operate.

Our solution is designed to build a repeatable and auditable Global service solutions for Customer

End-End On-Premise Services Solution Multiple Services across IT Domain

An operational which includes Deployment, Maintenance, Supply Chain and Asset Life Cycle Management to meet requirements for all types of technology across all Data Center, POP and Corporate Headquarters and Branch office locations.

Last-Mile Asset Decommissioning and Data Destruction On-Site and Off-Site Support Flexibility

A flexible modular solution including optional on-site or off-site data destruction allowing Customer to select the most appropriate solution for the level of data to be disposed of.

Remarketing & Recycling Option Buy Back helps Offset Cost of Service

Maximization of residual value returns to Customer for its end-of-life IT equipment to offset the cost of service and where possible provide a net return. Material disposal in compliance with waste and WEEE regulations.

Geo-Local Operations Management Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A streamlined and consolidated process taking into consideration local culture and working practices, improve asset management information and provision across regions by business unit or division to drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and identify process improvements to maximize value and reduce cost.

Global Process Control & Governance Unified Delivery in 100+ Countries

Give a consistent process following best practices to deliver services across the geographic locations in which Customer businesses and ecosystem partners operate. Secure data destruction in line with CESG/NIST relevant standards.

Global Program Management Globally Managed Services Solution

A managed service that includes planning, collection, auditing testing, data eradication (to highest standards), where upon equipment can be refurbished for reuse within the business, resold to generate funds back to Customer or recycled through sustainable processes.

  • Feature Rich, IT Service Management (ITSM) based Enterprise Workflows– Includes service catalog, workforce pool optimization, appointment scheduling, contract entitlement & asset management warehouse management, inventory location & stock management, service converge maps, vendor management system, multi-tier billing, customer and partner communities, and social collaboration tools.
  • Complete Enterprise wide Visibility– Offers your service delivery teams total visibility of service delivery function and business changes.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access – Serviceo Mobile is accessible on iPhone, iPad, Android based Smartphone and can be accessed by Field workforce.
  • Cloud SaaS Environment – Developed on Cloud platform, standard features are available for free, advance features for low-cost subscription model.
  • Serviceo B2B Gateway Integration – Standard APIs available for Ticket Fields, Messaging & Files integration with all major ITSM Tools like Servicenow, Remedy, etc.
ITAD Helps to eliminate the risk of data leaving your office
ITAD Helps to eliminate the risk of data leaving your office