There’s a new way to bring cloud efficiency and flexibility to your datacenter. OnApp Enterprise is a complete on-premises cloud solution for SMBs and enterprises. It makes private and hybrid cloud easier to manage, easier to scale and more cost-effective than ever before.

Ready-to-run private cloud

Bring cloud agility to your datacenter, with secure self-service & total control across one or more locations.

Simplify IT management

Manage compute, storage, networking & multiple clouds in one highly automated environment – and one UI.

Improve infrastructure ROI

With one view of your IT estate, you can optimize utilization and cost, and run workloads where they work best.

A truly turnkey solution

One platform, one appliance: a turnkey enterprise cloud solution at as little as a third of the cost.

Agile IT for your business.

OnApp Enterprise transforms your IT infrastructure into a fast, intuitive and highly automated cloud environment where workloads can be deployed, managed, scaled and migrated across servers, clusters and multiple private and third party clouds.

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With OnApp, you can manage all of your IT through a single pane of glass: orchestration, management, scaling, backups, DR, RBAC, governance, metering, chargeback and provisioning – for VMs, containers, apps and bare metal – across multiple sites, in one UI.

Private cloud

Reduce IT management costs with automated deployment and management of applications, containers and bare metal servers through an intuitive self-service portal.

Hybrid cloud

Manage multiple private and public clouds through a single pane of glass, and run workloads in locations that meet your cost, performance and compliance requirements.

Hyper-converged infrastructure

Delivered as a ready-to-run hyper-converged appliance, OnApp simplifies IT procurement and management, costs as little as a third of other solutions, and scales to hundreds of servers in a cluster.

Software-defined storage

OnApp software-defined storage is uniquely flexible, with storage tiers, fine control of performance and resilience at the application level, and asymmetric scalability: just add more disks.


Our enterprise cloud appliance combines Intel hardware with OnApp’s industry-leading private/hybrid cloud software platform – a complete solution for building private clouds, managing private and public cloud infrastructure, and automating the way IT resources are accessed and consumed by users and departments.

Unified private and hybrid cloud management

OnApp handles all private cloud deployment, management and provisioning:

  • Multi-cloud/multi-hypervisor: Xen, KVM and VMware, with seamless AWS connectivity
  • Multi-OS/multi-app: huge library of Windows & Linux templates & applications
  • Advanced user management: secure RBAC for multiple departments or tenants
  • Software-defined storage: built in as standard
  • Backup & DR: built in as standard
  • Whitelabel: fully rebrandable UI
  • Enterprise-grade security: multi-layered security model, single sign-on, anti-spoofing/sniffing firewalls, whitelisting and 2FA