IRON Global ISO 9001 Quality Policy

IRON Global, Inc is totally committed to quality and always puts the customer first in all that we do. We are guided by our quality management system that is ably supported by intelligent software applications for monitoring process performance and striving for continuous improvement. All employees of IRON Global are individually responsible for the quality of our services. The IRON Global Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Quality Policy Statement
  • The scope of IRON Global business activity encompasses manufacturing, engineering and distribution of network equipment and accessories, including software configuration.
  • IRON Global recognizes the need to focus its business on ensuring high quality performance throughout the organization.
  • This commitment to quality is based on effective and consistent operational systems, which are continually monitored. The primary goal is the satisfaction of customer needs.
  • It is the policy of the Company to meet this goal through the continual improvement of its activities. This improvement is achieved by establishing measurable quality objectives at all levels of the organization.
  • Performance against these objectives and opportunities for improvement are regularly evaluated and responded to using the company’s Management Review process.
  • Consistently high quality performance results from a management system that provides clear standards and guidelines in all the appropriate areas of the Company’s activities.

Advanced Quality Training

Quality training is at the core of our success. We utilize advanced quality personnel training featuring Six Sigma green-belt and black-belt programs. Plus, all of our global manufacturing facilities are ISO-registered and meet stringent requirements from international regulatory organizations that include environmental agencies and directives.

It is the policy of the Company that it’s management system will continue to provide an effective tool to satisfy the requirements of it’s customers, the specifications of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Standard, and all legal and regulatory obligations.

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The IRON Global Quality Management System is Certified to ISO 9001:2015

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