Payment Terms

All payments are due in full prior to order confirmation. We offer a variety of payment options; see below for details. IRON Global reserves sole discretion to place the customer account/order on credit hold, which may lead to shipment delays, in which event IRON Global shall promptly notify the customer.

Payment Methods

Payment by Credit Card

IRON Global accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. A pre-authorization agreement must be executed and verified with credit card issuance bank prior to acceptance. Only USA issued Credit Card accepted.

Payment on Pickup/Delivery (COD)

For approved customers with a long account history, we accept payment via company check at the time of pickup or delivery. For others, a cashier check option may be available, subject to pre-approval.

Payment by Bank Wire Transfer

This option is available to all customers. Please contact your sales representative. To obtain bank information for IRON Global, please contact a sales representative. You may be charged a transfer fee by your bank. Please have your bank fax IRON Global a wire confirmation document. Shipments will be released within 3 days after receiving valid bank confirmation.

Pre-Paid Check

Pre-paid company or cashier checks are accepted. Shipment is usually released within 7 working days following receipt. Checks must be received prior to order confirmation and 7 days (4 days within California) in advance of the planned shipping/pickup date.

Leasing Equipment

The approval process may take more than 2 weeks. Please contact a sale representative for detailed information.

Net Terms: Approved Company Purchase Order

For qualified customers, upon credit approval by IRON Global, 10+ day billing terms are available. Approval is based on customers' credit worthiness, past and present account history with IRON Global and acceptance of credit terms. Otherwise, payment is due in full prior to order confirmation.

Delivery of Equipment

All products delivered pursuant to this agreement shall be shipped as per the following guidelines:

  • Shipped Free On Board (F.O.B) Fremont, CA, USA
  • Delivery to local destinations directly by IRON Global' vehicle; additional shipping charges may apply.
  • Delivery to remote customers via a 3rd-party shipping company; shipping plus insurance charges may apply.
  • Title of the equipment automatically passes to customers upon shipment by IRON Global or its designee.
  • For more terms and conditions, including how to receive a shipment of equipment and request for services, please visit our main service page.

International Orders

Same terms as specified above for the U.S. Customers. Release of shipment is delayed by 5 working days, post to receiving a faxed Fund Transfer Document confirming Bank-Funds-Transfer, in order to accommodate the time interval which our local bank may require to successfully process the receipt of funds and issue us a written confirmation of the deposits. This is the most preferred mode of payment.