Basic Warranty Service

Customers concerned about buying hardware from a software company (rather than loading it onto their own servers) can be easily reassured with IRON Global’ unheard-of two year standard warranty on all systems we integrate.

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Iron guarantees that every system we manufacture functions properly - 100% free from workmanship defect under our Basic Warranty Support terms for two (2) years after receipt of product. Extended (optional) three and five year warranties are also available to Iron customers who wish to lengthen warranty periods.

Components shipped separately and not integrated into systems are under Iron warranty for 30 days. However, many of these components carry longer warranties issued by the original manufacturer, which we freely pass along to our customers.

Basic Warranty Support also provides direct access to Iron’s technical (troubleshooting) staff either by e-mail, telephone or online. Technical support by telephone is available between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST on weekdays (excluding holidays). Our on-staff experts are always ready to answer questions and resolve problems. If after troubleshooting any damaged or inoperable equipment must be returned to Iron, we quickly repair or replace the equipment and expedite its return to service. For equipment deemed out-of-warranty, repair and return service is handled on a time and materials (T&M) basis. 

Web Support Portal and Case Management

IRON Global realizes that your time is a valuable resource. To help you utilize every minute of your day we offer a web based interface that serves as a streamlined process and tool for effective communication. IRON Global' web based interface allows for the access to Downloadable Data on up-to-the minute Custom Reporting for your Business Processes and/or all Data pertaining to the program.

  • On-Line RMA Requests
  • Serial Number and Asset Information (Contact, License, MAC etc)
  • Service Plan and SLA Information
  • Case Status and History
  • Invoice details
  • Shipment Status & Tracking Number