HDPOD System 200 POC Solution Overview

Hadoop deployments require customers to acquire hardware to specific configurations, racking and configuring the hardware, operating system deployments and configurations, and installation of a huge set of Hadoop software packages with hundreds of pre-requisite packages. These deployments typically require several weeks to months of development cycle.

IRON HDPOD Big Data Appliance is designed to be a Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) powered Hadoop Proof-of-Concept (POC) platform for running enterprise data analytics environments. It is a complete Hadoop Big Data environment which helps validate big data for target business and boot straps project for a small price tag, sold as a single SKU. It is simple to install as a PC for a very small cost-> plug into the corporate network directly, power up and it is ready to use immediately.

With ~100 (300 max) terabytes of storage, and 10 (2+8) nodes cluster, the HDPOD is powerful enough to be a full-fledged data analytics platform for any enterprise; customers can realize an ROI with the first few jobs. HDPOD can be used for testing, training, and later for production as-is or migrated to larger hardware platforms as desired.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Software – Key Features:

Key Feature:
  • Fully Integrated Software Package: HDPOD includes stable versions of all the critical Apache Hadoop components in an integrated and tested package
  • Easy Cluster Installation and Management: HDPOD includes an installation and provisioning tool with a modern, intuitive user interface
  • Data Integration Services: HDPOD includes Talend Open Studio for Big Data, the leading open source integration tool for easily connecting Hadoop to hundreds of data systems without having to write code
  • Metadata Cluster Services: HDPOD includes Apache HCatalog, which simplifies data sharing between Hadoop applications and between Hadoop and other data systems
  • Cluster Management and Monitoring Services: HDPOD includes intuitive dashboards for monitoring clusters and creating alerts
  • Operating Systems Flexibility: Supports Linux & Windows Server 2012

IRON HDPOD Hardware Design –Key Features:

Key Feature:
  • End-End Integrated Platform: Purchase as a single SKU
  • Out-of-Box, Turnkey Key Solution: Hadoop infrastructure, self-contained within a 3 foot high rack. Entire Hortonwork Hadoop implementation pre-installed, custom-configured, QA’d and performance tested as complete environment at the factory
  • Zero IT department impact: Requires a simple connection to the corporate network with a single IP address (for DHCP boot). Hadoop environment and all hardware in rack is isolated from corporate network
  • Enterprise features suitable for corporate datacenters: Clustered in highly-available configurations, hot-swap hard-drives, power-supplies and compute blades for easy field service
  • Small Footprint: 14U, Easy to be installed in departmental lab
  • Enterprise-Grade Packaging: Sized for Hadoop POC engagements; suitable as complete solution for small to mid-sized companies