In the past year IRON Global has introduced many new OEM Services.

Importer-of-Record (IOR) Services for 90 countries. Iron can provide complete IOR services that include the Pre-Payment and Reclaim of VAT, GST, Duties, and other brokerage fees required to import computer hardware globally. The services eliminates the complexity of expanding globally and guarantees committed service levels agreements to locations globally. For the 28 EU countries there is VAT deferment program through our gateway hub in The Netherlands that allows products to be shipped without delays in customs associated with VAT payment and recovery. Cost is minimized, cash flow is improved and your customer has products faster.

As part of our Global Services offering, IRON Global provide parts stocking (Warehouse Stocking Locations – WSLs) in 661 cities around the world. There are currently 146 of these locations stocked to support new and legacy products and include the full coverage of support for all third party add-in cards and accessories.

In conjunction with the FLSs there is a trained staff of over 12,000 service technician provide 4-hour and next-business-day (NBD) support in the 90 countries. Fifty nine (59) countries currently have active service contracts being support and more locations and countries are being added each month.

Utilizing the trained service technicians Iron is also provides new site installations and product deployment in the same countries.

With these services Iron provides comprehensive management of Proof-of-Concept (POC) pools of products in each region. These can be dispatched to customers requiring a Try & Buy Evaluation and full Proof-of-Concept for the application or appliance they are testing prior to purchase. The logistics to support the POC process are detailed and in place for the forward (outgoing) and the return (reverse logistics). Full carnet services are in place to insure that products move quickly, have NO VAT due going in or coming out in the return process.

To manage and report in real time the logistics, service, field replaceable units (FRUs) inventory, Iron has implemented a turn-key software portal built on the Salesforce platform that allow each customer to view in real-time all service events, assignment of FRUs to repair locations, the return of parts and the activity and service notes of the last-mile service technicians.

The service stock and planning is managed forecasted using the industry leading Baxter Planning System to insure that the minimum amount of inventory is stocked globally to insure timely support for products.

To fully automate the flow of information, Iron is connected through EDI and other electronics means to customers and suppliers. The EDI information is received and automatically integrated into the logistics order tracking system (LOTS) processing that is connected to the Microsoft AX Dynamics ERP system to insure full order processing, PO and SO processing, and the Invoicing for services and hardware. These systems are also driven by the Arena PLM system and the internally developed OPSChain360 production management and shop floor tracking systems. Many customers now rely on our fully automated processes and systems to provide all service management, BOM and ECO management, Asset Management, and comprehensive quality and service data reporting.

Iron assists customers to scale quickly, go-to-market faster, and manage their products and services seamlessly. Iron provides a full Back-End-as-a-Service solution to companies and startups who are driven by engineering, sales, and marketing efforts. They leave the operations to Iron.